Boxing gloves

“Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.” Revelations 3: 19

Unlike my husband, I did not spend much time in the principal’s office during my time in elementary school. But one day in my fourth grade class, I teased a classmate who wore braces on her legs. My teacher marched me down to Mr. Hood’s office, and boy was I afraid. I had never really been in trouble before at school, and I had certainly never been marched down to the principal. As I sat in his office, he handed me a pair of boxing gloves and told me to put them on. Then he pushed his telephone across to me and told me to call my parents. This was back in the olden days of rotary dial, and I clumsily attempted to make my gloved hands dial the numbers. After a few seconds, Mr. Hood quietly told me that Sherri, the girl I had teased, had just as much trouble walking and that is why she needed braces. I was ashamed and embarrassed of my actions, and I have never forgotten that lesson. Mr. Hood disciplined me that day because he cared about me, and he was disappointed in my behavior.

The Lord is no different. Because He loves us, He disciplines us. Because He is interested in our character, He corrects us. He loves us too much to let our behavior go unchecked. The Lord desires our repentance, and true repentance results in sorrow for our sins. True repentance means changing our actions.

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